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Life in Hell

Fans of Matt Groening ('graining') will get the reference. Anyway, I am posting to gripe about yet another generic problem in my saga of endless updates to a very complicated small business and research system. Here's the background: I have six servers and nine workstations. In addition, I use two servers and a workstation via VPN at a client site. There are other people on the systems, but for the most part, the systems are designed so that I can use various things. It is like a gigantic workstation. Operating systems currently installed: FreeBSD (Remote Server for ssh, ftp, http, database, mail) Centos (Fedora derivative) Fedora Ubuntu Server Ubunto Desktop Custom Linux for Wireless router. Windows 98 Windows 2000 Pro Windows XP Pro Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Server 2003 Windows Terminal Server Edition I have also various live-boot CDs that I use and USB (like DSL) and an ancient notebook running Windows 95. These are not all on the network