Thursday, October 12, 2023

Hisense Screen Flicker Issue

I have been using my Hisense 100L5G laser TV as a computer monitor. It worked fine, except when certain things were on the screen. Then it would flicker off and on and display "Optimized for game settings". Some have suggested that this is an issue with the HDMI cable. However, I found that there is a setting on my TV called "Instant Game Response". It was on by default. Turning it off fixed the problem for me. On my TV it is buried in the menus like so:

Settings Menu->Picture->Advanced Settings->Instant Game Response

Navigate to the setting and turn it off. 

Javascript webp to png converter

[Done with programmer's assistants: Gemini, DALL-E] OpenAI's DALL-E produces images, but as webp files which can be awkward to work ...