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How can I Use AI to Defend Against Aggressive AI Attacks

As a rule, I avoid this type of speculation because I don’t want to aid anybody in cracking/penetrating systems. However, AI attacks are happening or going to happen anyway.  First, a lot of the global ‘attack surface’ is insecure by design and we need to acknowledge that and fix it.  Second, AI presents unique challenges, and we are absolutely not ready to deal with it.  Third, one of the things we should be doing on an ongoing basis is using AI to mitigate problems that arise due to AI.  AI technologies introduce unique challenges to cybersecurity, as they can generate a broad spectrum of automated attacks and countless variations of known penetration techniques. The agility and scale of AI-generated threats demand a proactive approach to defense, one that uses AI itself to anticipate vulnerabilities and devise countermeasures before they are exploited. To meet this need, the proposed model uses Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) trained on codified penetration techniques to inve

AI Emotional Detection and Response

This is a response to a question on Quora about the challenges of developing AI systems capable of dealing with human emotions.  Going from the other answers [on Quora] I would say that the first obstacle might be to get people to believe it is possible. I am strongly of the opinion that it is operationally possible and conceptually a “slam dunk”. By ‘operationally’, I mean that we can train an AI to recognize all the various signals that people use to convey their state of mind, including temporal, social, geographical, and cultural context. We can do that in the same relatively well-established way we use GANs to work back and forth with photos, speech and other types of input data. If we can assemble the data, we can create an AI that both recognizes emotional states and operates appropriately by expressing the appropriate emotional state as a response. Going from what we have seen in the past year, such a system would likely take less than a year to train, ground-up, both to ‘read’

Safety -- Identity Verification Protocol in the Age of Advanced AI

Identity Verification Protocol in the Age of Advanced AI In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) has reached unprecedented capabilities, the lines between reality and simulation are increasingly blurred. Deepfake technologies can convincingly replicate human voices, facial expressions, and even behaviors, posing significant risks to personal and public safety. Scenarios such as fraudulent distress calls or fake kidnappings are no longer the stuff of science fiction but a looming reality. In this context, traditional methods of identity verification—passwords, biometrics, or even multi-factor authentication—may no longer suffice. To address these challenges, we introduce a robust Identity Verification Protocol that combines cryptographic keys, QR codes, and situation-specific passwords. This multi-layered approach aims to provide a foolproof method for confirming an individual's identity and situation in real-time. By integrating these elements, the protocol offers a comprehens

Spam: A nurse poses questions to social media

There is a post making the rounds that starts like this:  "I’m a nurse. I’ve been one for 13 years. It wasn’t until about 5 years ago... I started asking these very questions." It then goes on to pose a bunch of questions in all caps Unicode characters that criticize doctors for a variety of things the nurse apparently does not understand very well. Note that the highly unusual Unicode characters are almost certainly intended to avoid detection by automated systems looking for spam and are not at all likely to be actually created by some disgruntled nurse. They could be intended as a way to stealthily make malicious materials or as a way to scan for suckers willing to pass on such things.  The post is not what it seems, but taking it at face value, I have several critiques of the claims made in this viral post: It oversimplifies complex medical issues and promotes a "one size fits all" approach that can be dangerous. What works for one person may not work or could e

Dr. Sabina Spielrein disappeared by the patriarchy

"Spielrein’s story is a case history of pathological patriarchy, anti-Semitism, Stalinism, Nazism, and genocide. It is also the story of an incredible pioneering thinker whose ideas were freely “borrowed” by the Great Men of Psychoanalysis whose followers conspired in defaming and demonizing Spielrein’s character and all traces of her subsequent 30-year history of intellectual and clinical work. To the extent to which Spielrein’s work was also feminist and female-centered, (or female-embodied), it constituted the forced disappearance of feminist knowledge which, as Australian scholar Dale Spender has so ably shown, has happened generation after generation, century after century. As a result, each feminist wave must continue reinventing the wheel of knowledge; few have broad shoulders upon which to stand." -- Raped By Carl Jung, Then Murdered by the Nazis by  Phyllis Chesler Nov  07, 2017