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The AI Singularity May Already Be Upon Us

I worked with my first primitive voice recognition system in 1984 (sic!). commercial AI in the 1980s. I have followed along as advancements were made. For the last few years I have been telling friends and family that AI work is more advanced and advancing faster than most people realize. In fact, in my opinion it was and is advancing more quickly than even a lot of AI experts believed Last year, I wrote an article titled Coming Soon: General Artificial Intelligence. When asked to predict if AI would soon be here, I said: 80s: No, 90s: No, 00s: No, 10s:No, 20s: maybe. I said 'maybe' at the beginning of this decade. I said, essentially, 'probably' in spring 2022. As of 2023 I would say that depending on how you are going to define it, it is already here or just about to be here this year. All the bits and pieces are in place for astonishing AI. AI systems are already in wide use. Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4 ( GPT-4), based on foundational large language mo