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Genuine online chat with a robot

This is a transcript of a genuine online chat with OpenAI ChatGPT. I asked the kind of questions I would ask of a system that might be genuinely intelligent. Except for trivial changes or formatting, this is the entirety of the conversation in the order it took place. Even though it is similar in kind to an advanced ‘Eliza’ program (, the answers surprised me with how well they were able to answer a non-trivial question. These answers as a collection would exceed the ability of most people to do extemporaneously on their own and likely even if they had a chance to spend some time researching the question. The chat program was used at this link: Tell me: How we can test to see if free will exists? How can we tell if the universe is deterministic? What are the genetic similarities in the etiology of autism and adhd? How do people vary in their responses to limerence? What things can a person do to feel happier that only tak