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Whither bitcoin?

It kills me how people reporting in finance will sagely advise, either vaguely enough to be meaningless, or just incorrectly. Jim Cramer was infamous at one point for loudly hollering advice slightly worse than a coin toss. If you want good investment advice, listen to "the sage of omaha" here:  BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC. SHAREHOLDER LETTERS The text below is from a comment I made on disqus here: At the end of this analysis, I feel like trading is like a social game akin to discussing astrology. To me, the narrative looks like this: "We have technical indications we have seen before. Like other technical indications, it leaves us with this: It might go up, it might go down, could be a lot, or could be a little. We have to wait for it to unfold to be able to explain-predict what happened. " If those various technical indications had predictive merit, some