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Happy belated 25th GNU!

The GNU concept was announced more than a quarter of a century ago on a mailing list by Richard Stallman. The date was Sept. 27. I am a few weeks late mentioning it. In fairness, the founding of the Free Software Foundation did not happen until a couple of years later and I would expect that to be a bigger celebration. We shall see. I wrote an article about Richard Stallman a number of years ago where I said: "Here is what Richard has done for us all: He has created and protected the ' free software ' movement. This has been a difficult task against great odds and he has taken a lot of unwarranted personal grief over the years." True Liberty in all of its various forms still gets a bad rap. It was ever thus. I am gratified that a true champion of Freedom like Richard Stallman and people like Lawrence Lessig are still around. They have taken outrageous attacks over the years, but I think that might finally be starting to settle down for them. Of course, one worries tha