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WiFi Connection Problem in Windows 10 upgrade

WiFi Connection Problem in Windows 7/Windows 10 upgrade TL;DR: If you can't connect to your router in Windows 7, try deleting the network and recreating it here:  Control Panel\Network and Internet\Manage Wireless Networks I have a complicated network in my home that includes a battery of switches, five wireless routers and a couple of range extenders. I had to reconfigure the system because of interference from other routers in the local neighborhood. Everything was in place and tested with everything else (several PCs, half dozen notebook computers, and about a dozen other devices such as tablets, telephones, game systems, etc.) Shortly after getting everything working, I began to do upgrades to Windows 10 to a few devices. The upgrade process was not a smooth one, but I got a couple of them working eventually. A third one simply would not upgrade to Win 10 no matter what I tried. It offered no clue as to why it failed and was happy to give it another go. I tried

Dumb Fix for one type of RDP Fail

Error Message: Your computer could not connect to another console session on the remote computer because you already have a console session in progress. Dumb Fix: Use the IP Address instead of the name to connect. You can get the IP address using ipconfig on the remote device or by using ping with the computer (or domain) name. Instead of Computer: RemoteComputer User Name: AdminGuy Computer: User Name: AdminGuy Note that the above fix only works in certain instances where DNS is on the fritz. As usual it is a horrible message not much better than 'error'.