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MSYS2 broken install

Ugh. Every year, the non-workingness of released software gets worse. Problem: MSYS2 does not quite install properly. Error Message: error: mingw32: signature from "Alexey Pavlov (Alexpux) " is unknown trust User Workaround Fix:  Run the following commands: pacman-key --init pacman-key --populate pacman -Syu At the end of the various messages and prompts (choose default Y) you get: warning: terminate MSYS2 without returning to shell and check for updates again warning: for example close your terminal window instead of calling exit When you attempt to close you will get a new warning in a popup window about running processes. Close anyway. Open a new MSYS shell window and rerun pacman: pacman -Syu Wait until your brain explodes or you complete the re-installation/upgrade of packages (in my case 40). That was it for me. YYMV Developer Fix:  Release is broken: Fix Deployment Test to capture error before users see it. Fix Deployment, since