Monday, June 6, 2011

Voting for Ron Paul

Facebook post:

[If I could have] I would have voted for Ron Paul last time without hesitation. I *knew* the financial system was headed for a melt-down, that congress had shredded the U.S. Constitution and that the current military actions were essentially unlawful. Only one candidate addressed all three concerns and that was Ron Paul. The huge financial meltdown should not have been a surprise to anyone near the reins of power.

I part company with RP on a number of things. However, things are way off base now. Anyone not heavily invested in the status quo (like you and me) would do much better with RP than anyone else. Severe corrective measures are needed to call back troops, fix the financial system (it is in complete ruins), restore the U.S. Constitution (ditto), restore the powers of the legislative assemblies and the states, reduce the federal government and restore the ordinary rule of law.Until those are done, most people do not have a disagreement with Ron Paul and he would concentrate on things like that first.

Given the extraordinary powers given to the U.S. executive branch of government, the president is essentially an emperor and accountable to nobody. Ron Paul would likely use that power to limit the power of the executive branch.

I am from Canuckistan, so have to look on from the sidelines, but there appears to be many thousands of U.S. citizens whose thinking is similar to mine.

Finally (sigh), the irony is that RP may be set up as scapegoat. Even doing the right thing (or perhaps especially doing the right thing) will precipitate the implosion of the financial system and the devaluation of the currency. In the last decade, the U.S. dollar lost more than half of its value. Arguably, looking at its relationship to gold, it lost 80 percent of its value. The dollar is being held at an artificially high value and it has to collapse eventually. My guess is that everyone in power will collude to keep it glued together until after the next U.S. presidential election. Look to catastrophic meltdown sometime after inauguration.

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