Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Skill up for the AI boom.

How can you skill up for the AI boom? Same way you get to Carnegie Hall — Practice.

Seriously, at least for the short term, it’s not AI that will be replacing people, it is other people using AI to leverage automation and amplify and refine their own skills.

Here is an article I wrote recently about how you can start right away:


As I am typing this in Feb/2024, there are a variety of platforms available that will allow anybody to do more in less time and already you can do better if you have skill with the existing AI. You will produce better images in less time (the one in this post was generated automatically as I was typing). You will answer your email in much less time, keep up with social media, etc;. 

As the rest of 2024 unfolds, AI tools will continue to improve, and they will continue to require additional learning to take advantage of them. Given how fast stuff is coming out, just learning to keep track of new things is going to be challenging. 

If you are a ‘computer guy’ like I am, you can cover more ground coding if you know how to leverage AI. It can consult with you, but you need to know how to get the best answers and how to detect when the answers are not what they should be. It can summarize technical documents, generate text, images, and even write Code. For things like code in particular you really have to get some skill in eliciting the proper responses and in detecting how and why mistakes happen and how to correct them. Despite the fact that in this regard AI is an assistant that deserves criticism, it is still useful. If you know how to use it you will beat somebody hand coding from scratch, hands-down. 

The low-level roots of current AI systems are entirely exposed for inspection and instructions and explanations are better than I have seen them for other things in the past. However, unless you need to tinker at that level, the smart money is on staying up to date with the tools that use the underlying AI. 

If you are creative in any way, you should find learning AI tools enjoyable because they really increase your ability to get things done. 

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