Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Don't get fished in...


The scenery on the information highway is being choked out by billboards. Consider: If the entity behind that click is going to start out lying to you right from the start, what are the odds they will do right by you? Advertisers do everything they can to get your attention. Recognize the signs of manipulative hooks and avoid. 

Choose Your Bait

Actually, you probably will believe it. It's not that surprising.
If by "change your life" you mean "waste your time," then sure.
The only shock here is that people still fall for this.
Speechless? More like slightly unimpressed.
These "secrets" are common knowledge. Nice try.
Doctors are actually quite calm and not at all stunned.
Mind still intact. Not blown at all.
Believable. Very much so.
What happened? Not much, really.
Feel free to miss out. It's not that incredible.

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