Tuesday, October 24, 2017

WiFi Password Problem

A while ago, two of my Windows 10 machines suddenly were no longer able to connect to my Arris TG862 router via WiFi. Both are HP notebooks. Initially, the error message I got from Windows was:

"something has changed since you last connected"

It asked for the network key again and despite being the correct key it gave the error message:

"The network security key isn't correct."
"Please try again."

I tried everything that I could starting from deleting the WiFi credentials and replacing them. That did not work and I then moved on to the usual -- update/reboot. That also did not work. After that, I reconfigured a test router and that worked, but I still could not attach to the main router. Since then, I have been able to connect and I am not sure if this is because of a Windows update, something timing out or an update to the router firmware. It was unable to connect for at least a few days. I am not sure of the timing because I switched to ethernet adapters on the wired network so I could get back to work.

Anyway, if you encounter this problem, you are not alone and it can eventually be put back in order.

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