Saturday, December 3, 2022

Using older people as a guide

Someone was giving sage advice that you should look at older people and how they got where they are and take their path if you want what they have. 

They got this backwards. You should look at people a decade or two older to get an idea of what an older person wants. You will be that older person one day. As you should have noticed by now, your tastes and priorities change over time. My kids do not sport tattoos. It was all the rage when they were younger. It is still a thing now. I cautioned them that as an adult they would not likely want a child to choose a permanent mark on their skin. If you still think it is a promising idea to get that cartoon character on your ankle or still have an infatuation with that boy band guy when you are in your thirties, then you can still get it. You might be able to get it changed or alter your skin, but you cannot un-get a tattoo. 

If you make a long-term commitment to pay for that thing you want now, you commit your future self to living with the consequences. 

Live for today but be mindful of the person you will be tomorrow. 

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